Each month, the LiveHelpNow Challenge ranks our top 100 providers of superior customer service. These rankings are data-driven based on metrics provided daily to client dashboards. Measured against 12 unique values, Challenge winners are truly the best customer service providers in their field. The achievement reflects the professionalism, skill, concern, and quest to provide better service that define companies who rank among the top 100 in a global field of more than 10,000 businesses.

Akatsuki Corporation Corporation

Consumer Products

Our company was founded as a specialized wholesaler of luxury chopsticks, lacquerware which was unusual at that time in 1948 when it was still nationwide. With the transition of the distribution industry, we have opened a base to expand our sales network nationwide. As the falling birthrate and the aging of society advances, entering an era commonplace is inevitable, as well as accurately grasping changes in the social environment based on an increase in travelers from overseas, we will respond to customer needs. Our theme is procurement, planning and development of products that are pleasing to our customers both in Japan and overseas by raising richness and coloring in daily life, we propose better life support. We will continue to provide more safe and secure products and stable supply.

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