Each month, the LiveHelpNow Challenge ranks our top 100 providers of superior customer service. These rankings are data-driven based on metrics provided daily to client dashboards. Measured against 12 unique values, Challenge winners are truly the best customer service providers in their field. The achievement reflects the professionalism, skill, concern, and quest to provide better service that define companies who rank among the top 100 in a global field of more than 10,000 businesses.

Liteline Corp.

Consumer Products

Liteline Corporation was established in 1979 on a simple principle: Find a niche and do it well. This is a principle which we carry until today. In the late 70’s there was a need for an aftermarket lens replacement for fluorescent fixtures. Since every fluorescent fixture was built with slightly different dimensions it was exceptionally difficult for electrical distributors to be able to supply replacement lenses. Steve Silverstein, Liteline’s founder and president offered distributors the simple service of small run custom fabrication with quick delivery. 30 years later we are the industry leader in custom lens fabrication in Canada. The secret to success was simple, offer a service people want at a level of quality they need at a price that makes them competitive. This mantra of “Price, Quality and Service” has guided our company to grow into a recognized industry leader in every product category that we manufacture and sell. Today we have grown far beyond our humble owner/operator beginnings. We manufacture complete lines of residential and commercial lighting fixtures, HID security lighting, Lamps, Die Cast aluminum outdoor boxes, Wiring Devices and of course Lenses and Louvers. Our head office is located in Brampton, Ontario in our own 80 000 square foot facility. We have had a second distribution warehouse in Vancouver, British Columbia since 1982. We have exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable agents in every province across Canada and the North Eastern States with local service in every major city. Our customer service staff are friendly, fast and competent. Among our retailers, distributors and contractor base our reputation is stellar. We endeavour to ship all orders within a day of receiving it. Every electrical distributor and retailer operates their business in a unique way. We pride ourselves on our ability and dedication to working with our customers to design supply solutions and programs that work with their business.

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